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When Should I Sell My Property? Get an Expert Strategy
November 8, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Get an answer for when to sell my property with an expert strategy from the REIG.

The market has never been better for selling, whether you’re interested in moving your home, investment property, or commercial property. These conditions haven’t existed in the last ten years, making now the perfect time for anyone looking to sell their property. The REIG helps our investment partners determine the best time to sell their property to maximize their returns. We customize our services to every client, tapping into a global network of investment experts to help optimize every opportunity.

Sell without going to market.

Working with an investment group makes it easy to take a different approach to sell your property––by avoiding going to market. Especially in the wake of COVID, many property owners have wanted to avoid the hassle and intrusion of showings from listing on the market.

Some benefits of selling off-market

Selling off the market also allows investors to maintain their privacy and confidentiality. With the current market conditions, sellers have more control than ever. You can be more selective off-market, hand-selecting the buyer.

There’s also no pressure from the number of days your property remains on the market. It allows you to take full advantage of the current market conditions, regardless of the “buzz” surrounding your property.

Connecting with serious buyers––without endless showings is easier when you keep your property off multiple listings. Instead, a real estate investment group works with you to find the ideal buyer without wasting your time.

How to make the most from an off-market sale

To maximize the benefits of selling a property off-market, you need an experienced partner who can provide trustworthy advice and connect you with motivated buyers. Attracting the market’s attention without the exposure of listing your property means you can avoid the hassle of staging and showing––but requires an experienced group with a broad network.

The REIG has an expansive network of partners and years of personal and professional experience. Our goal is to help our partners maximize their investments and grow their portfolios. We know how to make the most of current conditions, whether you prefer to list or sell off-market. And we tailor our advisory services to your property, your goals, and your area.

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Get expert help strategizing a plan for your property sale.

Regardless of your property type––from your family home to luxury residential, commercial, and even industrial––working with experts in real estate investment can help you maximize the sale and your return.

When you work with the REIG, you’re accessing years of personal and professional investment expertise to get a custom strategy that goes beyond listing your property and waiting for bids. Our goal is to provide our clients with unparalleled insight into their options.

The REIG’s licensed real estate agents can provide unparalleled advice into when to sell and the management of your investment portfolio. We help our clients look beyond a single sale and continue to make the most of their holdings, no matter what the market does. The REIG specializes in providing clients with expert foresight regarding their real estate portfolio, invaluable in the market that exists today.

The REIG helps investment property owners answer the question, “When should I sell my property?”

The Real Estate Investment Group is a Las Vegas-based advisory firm that works with clients to provide investment and business consulting, prioritizing anonymity and confidentiality. Our expertise, provided to REIG clients, comes from extensive personal and professional investment experience. We’ve built an extensive affiliate network across 18 states and six states to provide professional real estate services for industrial, commercial, and luxury residential properties.

If you’re expanding your investment portfolio into real estate and are wondering when the right time to tell your property should be, reach out to become a REIG partner.