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With 25+ years of real estate investing and experience in the commodities and futures markets, Mr. Aretos cut his teeth as a Licensed Series 3 Commodities and Index Futures portfolio manager.

In Q4 2008 and Q1 2009, Mr. Aretos’ CTA programs, run by algorithms that he wrote, were ranked #1 and #2 in the world posting 38% and 18.5% ROI for those quarters. It was at that time, Mr. Aretos gained the eye of the national news media and was featured on every major financial news outlet in the country, experiencing multiple appearances on CNBC, FOX Business, Bloomberg and features in The WSJ, Barrons, IBD, Futures Magazine and more.

With popularity abound and people flooding into his CTA programs, there was demand for him to create more programs. The algorithms that Mr. Aretos had written were complex automated trading machines that would evaluate upwards of 45+ indicators in real time. It was during this time, while reviewing those indicators to create other algorithms to meet the demand for new managed futures programs, that he noticed certain fundamental and technical data sources that, when isolated, showed some very interesting consistencies between the case-shiller index and the financial markets. After some tinkering, he realized that the indicators of the real estate markets and financial markets were married in such a way that he was able to forecast the closing prices of residential real estate that was currently listed for sale, with astonishing accuracy.

Mr. Aretos, a second generation real estate investor, began testing the algorithm with his own personal investments, and was met with great success, as the price forecasts were indeed accurate. He now had a methodology by which to evaluate properties to purchase, with a very accurate assessment of the ARV resale vales. Gio has used this price algorithm in over 100 property purchases and now has adapted the algorithm to provide values on residential, multifamily and commercial properties for his residential and investor clientele.

Through the course of the years, Mr. Aretos has built an impressive network of investors and professionals in and around the real estate business and tangential industries. He started The REIG Acquisitions and Sales Group with Nationwide Realty, and now has members of The REIG Affiliate Network in 18 states, and 6 countries, providing real estate services for acquisitions and sales of traditional residential, commercial and industrial properties. Through his enormous network and resources, he is able to achieve results that others simply cannot, and to find and make deals happen that others simply do not have ability or access to.

As a result of his network of resources, the real estate investment consultants at the REIG have constant exposure to many different types of investment opportunities, mostly revolving around or involving real estate assets either directly or indirectly.

Providing Real Estate Investment Consulting and Personal & Business Advising Services for REIG Clients, The REIG continues to make a name for itself as the premiere confidential Real Estate Investment Consultants & Advisors through referrals among family offices, celebrities, athletes, financial advisors for HNW Individuals and Groups, and high profile businesspeople. Gio, along with his talented team, are the choice for many who demand anonymity and confidentiality in transactions.

We appreciate your referrals and your trust.

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